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    After migration to new Mac, when I try to import to LR, I get error message


      After migrating to a new Mac and editing an image in LR and then PS, and then attempting to save it back to LR, I get the following error message:


      Could not save as “Narrows I.tif” because the file is locked, you do not have necessary access permissions, or another program is using the file. Use the ‘Get Info’ command in the Finder to ensure the file is unlocked and you have permission to access the file. If the problem persists, save the document to a different file or duplicate it in the Finder.


      The file is not locked, there is no evidence that I do not have permission to access, I am the only user of the machine and I am unaware of any other program using the file. Attempts to save it to another folder are successful, but I still can't import the image from there back into LR.


      Note this problem occurred after migrating to a new Mac-same operating system: OSX 10.10.5. I logged LR off the old machine and logged on to the new one, as directed. Other things seem to function as previously.