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    Find or convert all tints in a document



      I have an Indesign document where I have used tints of various colours.

      In some cases I have used dedicated tint swatches, and in others I have just changed the tint slider at the top of the swatches panel.


      I am looking for a way to either:

      – Automatically find all tints that are used in the document, so I know where they are and I can change them to be 100% CMYK


      – Automatically convert all tints used to CMYK values, ie. so there are no 'tints', just 100% CMYK colours.


      I need to do this to be able to successfully convert my Indesign document to Photoshop as separate layers via Illustrator, and I have found that this doesn't work when tints have been used.

      I am using Indesign cs6 on Mac.


      Any help is much appreciated as I can't find any online content relating to how I can do this.

      Thank you

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          smoothsea Level 3



          The tint swatches that you've created can be re-made using your new values. Once that is done, you can select the original swatches and delete them. Indesign will ask for a replacement swatch - just put your new swatch in.


          Objects or text that don't have a dedicated tint swatch assigned to them can be found using the find/change panel, which will let you search for colours. Again, you can substitute your new swatches here.


          Having said that, paragraph, character and object styles are invaluable in a situation like this. The change only needs to be made in one place if the document has been set up well using styles.