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    Index Work-around for Directory

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      This question requires a little background,

      I am in the throws of a project creating a print directory of high school grads that is about 120 pages at this point. I know that indexes for directories are not a strength of InDesign, but it's all I've got, so I figured out a work around. I've laid in the data that I have from a "Numbers" spread sheet that is entered by the year of graduation. The names are listed by title, first name, second name and contact info, all on one line. Once it was laid out in Indesign, I went back to the spread sheet, and edited it to eliminate all fields but the names and placed the last names in the first column. I opened it as a text-only file in Textedit and copied/pasted the results onto a second layer in InDesign. (So what I have now are two layers, both with the same names on the same page; layer 1 has the full name and address, layer 2 has just the names, last name first.)


      I then made a table of contents for the content on layer 2, sorting it alphabetically. The table of contents works really well as an alphabetical index and I am very delighted with my own cleverness.


      But....not so fast, Gungadin. With the way things are set up now, if there is an editing changes in the directory at some point, I will have to scroll through this bad-boy one page at a time to make sure that the names on layer 1 match those on layer 2. I am NOT looking forward to this.


      My question is this: Is there a way to link content from layer 1 and layer 2 so that as text flows on 1, it will flow on 2?