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    Hot Macbook Pro


      Why does my brand new Macbook Pro's fan run fast and get hot when I start "painting" on an edit?  Three photos in and my computer is on fire!  If I go through and add some clarity and sharpening to the eyes, it doesn't take long before the computer sounds like it's going to explode and it gets very hot!  Help!

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          thedigitaldog MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          It's doing this because the processors are humming along working hard. Nothing to worry about. That said, LR's performance isn't best in class...

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            Akash Sharma Adobe Employee

            Hi jama


            Which version of Lightroom are you using?

            What is your Operating system?

            Do you see your Processor/memory usage shifting to very high in Activity moniitor when that happens

            If so Post a screenshot of the same.

            Also Post the System info from Lightroom>>Help




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              kbkbn Level 1

              If you curious, you can obtain a temperature/fan control utility called 'Macs Fan Control' for free, which will show you the temperature at various locations around your MBP, and allow you to manually control the fan speed if you should so choose.

              In my 2012 MBP, the processor temperature quickly goes beyond 100ºC when creating previews and during development tasks in Lightroom.  It also quickly returns to a lower temperature as soon as the heavy lift processing is done.

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                thedigitaldog MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                The bottom line is, you can't do anything about the fans, it's kind of normal and indicates LR or whatever application you're using is in need of cooling because it's working hard.