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    Annoying "Signed out of Lightroom mobile" dialog when starting Lightroom.


      I have a standalone version of Lightroom.  I did not sign up for Creative Cloud but Adobe foisted a free one month membership on me a while ago.  I asked Adobe at the time to just to delete the free cloud membership.  I want nothing to do with Creative Cloud at this time.  I have never used it and I have never used Lightroom mobile.  Every once in a while I get an email from Adobe telling me my free Creative Cloud subscription has expired.  Just received such an email today.  And now when I run Lightroom I get a "Signed out of Lightroom mobile" dialog box that pops up that I must dismiss.


      How do I stop this from happening, other than uninstalling Lightroom completely (which I am seriously considering - I really don't like Adobe's underhanded tactics in trying to lure me or trick me into signing up for Creative Cloud)?


      Thank you.