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    LR5 - "Edit in" function not working


      Ive been using Lightroom for years and have never had this problem. I recently downloaded El Capitan for the iMac and since then have had some problems with Lightroom (Vers 5.7.1). Not sure if they are related though. All my images reside on a Iomega IX2-200 CE external hard drive.


      Lightroom all of a sudden will not let me use "edit in" for any of my plug-ins such as On1 10, Nik/Google/Topaz however it will allow me to Export to Photomatix or HDR Efex Pro and it will allow me to "Edit in" Photoshop. When trying to use the Edit In function I get this error


      "Lightroom was unable to prepare the selected file at /Volumes/Pictures/XXXX/XXXXX/XXX/201511010016P.dng for editing. It will not be opened."  Strange thing is that the Export & Edit in Photoshop are both working when editing images from the same path.


      If trying to use the File>Plug-In Extras>Plug-in I get a different error as below


      "Sorry, Lightroom could not complete your request. The reason code appears below:


      AgNegative:renderToFile: <AgErrorID>dng_error_write_file</AgErrorID>"


      I am not getting this problem at all with images imported into Lightroom from my hard drive. Only with the images from the Iomega external hard drive. I have checked permissions on the Iomega and everything seems fine.


      Anybody else have this problem or any suggestions.


      Cheers Paul