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    Resolution & "Snap to fit" problem

      I'm unable to get Snap to fit to work in Captivate 3. It doesn't snap to the desired window. It does change size, but it is proportionally larger and misaligned. Oddly, the resulting movie is sized in the correct proportions (same as the desired window), but the image is shifted about 20 pixels down and to the right, so you can see the desktop (or whatever is behind the window). Also, you can see two sides of the red box (due to the misalignment). This red box behavior happens in both "application" and "custom size". If I choose full screen, I get a message "The recording dimensions you have selected are greater than 1024x768. Proceeding with these dimensions will work, however for improved performance Adobe Captivate suggest you to reduce the recording area." [Obviously not written by an English speaker.]

      My laptop's screen resolution is set to 1680x1050, so I don't understand the "1024x768" part. Also, in the Captivate recording dialog, it displays "Recording size: 1344x840" in the upper right corner. I don't know where those dimensions come from.

      I've tried changing my laptop's resolution to 1024x768, but the resulting Captivate box is still proportionately larger.

      Very odd, and the behavior makes the program virtually unusable.