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    WARNING to other InDesign CC 2015 Users

    wideEyedPupil Level 1

      I've just spent 5 hours on chat dialogue and telephone with Adobe support and there's a Known Issue that makes complex files with text to get corrupted and cause almost constant crashing.


      If the more you work a document and the worse crashing gets to the point where any text changes causing a reflow or font change might crash it (especially hates tables being copied and pasted and things like that) then you probably have this bug. If you set up a clean user account on your machine and it seems fine for a while then starts crashing again you probably are experiencing this bug. If you save as a new file open it and it seems fine for a while then starts crashing then you are probably experiencing this issue.


      Install InDesign CC 2014 if you don't have it already (in CC menu option see previous versions) and then open the INDD CC 2015 file with that. If you are a subscriber it will auto convert the file down to InDesign CC 2014 issues. Otherwise export as IDML file and open that in INDD CC 2014 and save as native file.

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          wideEyedPupil Level 1

          Adobe Support made no mention of that fix for me. I'm using 2014 and even that crashes but it's usable. Tables anywhere in a document seem to be particularly troublesome for CC 2015. They have told me customers are also facing same issue of repeated crashing on ID CC 2014 too.


          Please anyone with this issue contact Adobe InDesign support and log the bug and have them screen-share with you to identify it. Make sure you get proper phone level support, there are people doing support over chat, particularly in after-hours support who honestly have no ******** idea what they are talking about or doing and Adobe have no right to be offering support using these untrained, knowledge-poor workers. Even the phone support advisors have ackowledged this.


          For the money Adobe takes in Subscriptions every year for products they tinker at the edges with compared to the major advances made in each 3D software update like Modo 3D (with a similar price tag), they could offer proper phone support. I've had much better phone support from small software houses like Extensis who make the Suitcase line of software. They even had local support outsourced in Australia.