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    Indesign Book always wants to 'Save as' when being closed. Work gets lost.


      Hi there,


      we are working with Indesign CC and Windows 7 Professional, all files are available to all of us on our server. For the first time now, we create our 280 page catalogue as an indb file including 12 chapters (indd documents).


      I assumed, that all of us (there are three of us) can work in different chapters at the same time. Have I been wrong?


      How we work:

      We open the indb file simultaneously and then open different chapters at the same time (via the book, not via double click in the explorer).

      When we close one chapter, we save the indd. file. No problems so far.

      But when one of us closes the indb file then Indesign says "Somebody changed the book after you opened it. Are you sure to overwrite?" and it wants to "save as", not just "save".



      So far we clicked "Yes, please overwrite the book". "What should happen to the indd files when saving the book" we thought.

      But soon we recognized, that sometimes the things we changed in the chapters (like dimensions, pictures, illustrations, text) seem to have disappeared. But it is not the whole work, that has gotten lost. Just some little things. This is so mysterious.


      What do we do wrong?

      Is it wrong to open the book simultaneously?

      Shall we open the chapters in the explorer via double click instead of opening the book?


      Please help, we need the catalogue to be finished by next week. :-(