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    Drag proxy on a datagrid

      How do you set a drag proxy for a DataGrid. I have the drag enabled option to true to allow dragging, but it drags all the collumns in the grid which is not desirable for the application. I found the DataGridDragProxy object in help but could not find any examples using it, or even where it should be used. Any help would be appreciated.

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          Jinglesthula Level 1
          Yeah, I was looking to do the same thing and found the same sparse documentation. Funny how code is all ASCII, but an example can be a 'visual learner' thing.


          This guy has an example of using the DataGridDragProxy. Unfortunately he goes all the way to extending the basic DataGrid class, which it doesn't seem to me like that ought to be necessary. I would think you could simply use a little bit of <mx:DataGrid> action and specify that a DataGridDragProxy defined elsewhere should be used as the proxy. But maybe implementing that is a work in progress.