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    Not totally clear on how FDS interfaces with my Java classes

    rmarp Level 1
      Hi folks - Maybe somebody can set me straight. I'm wanting to use the remoting feature of Flex Data Services so I can communicate from my Flex client and my server logic via the binary AMF protocol because it seems to be faster and more robut than web services. I have installed FDS on my tomcat server. I've also written a simple Java class as a test that returns the current time via a public method. Should I be packaging this class up as it's own web application or should I be deploying this into the FDS (flex.war) application? And if it's the latter, where do I put the file? And then of course, how do I reference it on the client?

      I see a lot of docs talk about installing the FDS web app but I don't see them talk about integrating your own code with it. This confuses me because why would you install and use FDS if you weren't integrating it with any of your own code? What's the point of the server in that case?

      Anyway, I'm obviously missing something here. Would somebody be kind enough to clear this up for me?

      Thank you in advance!