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    Invoice Not Clear About Payment Received, Needs Modification

    Aquilino Arts

      I understand that as of April 2015, Adobe Creative Cloud no longer emails confirmation of payment to customers. And, that they will not create an invoice until payment has been received. However, the invoices do not clearly state that payment has been received, so I have no documentation for my files to indicate that the payment was received. The invoices REALLY need to clearly show that payment for the amount has been received if Adobe expects customers to use the online print of invoice feature to use as receipt of payment.


      After speaking with customer support and getting this link: Feature Request/Bug Report Form to submit a request, I discovered the form does not have a section for Creative Cloud. So I am submitting the request here and hope to hear back.


      Can Adobe please modify the invoice form to include a payment received line which then shows a zero balance for that invoice? THAT would sufficiently replace the confirmation of payment emails.


      With Much Appreciation,

      Maria Lara Dailey