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    Need help using ImageCrop()

    LyndonPatton Level 1

      I have passed an image and crop values to my form action page. I want to crop the image and then save it to disk. the imagecrop() function s returning an error: The result of the method ImageCrop cannot be assigned because it does not return a value.

      Here's what I've tried:


      <cfset myImage = ImageReadBase64("#form.xBase64PhotoString#")>

      <cfset myImage=ImageCrop(myImage,Val(form.x),Val(form.y),Val(form.w),Val(form.h))>

      <cfimage source="#myImage#" destination="c:/workgroups/webdata/badgecards/#BadgPhotoName#" action="write" overwrite="Yes">



      The imagecrop is a new process for this existing template. The bse64 and cfimage/destination lines work fine.

      Thanks in advance.