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    SWF playing in HTML but embedded video is not

    BTTammy Level 1

      I have several short movie clips (.flv format) that I need to embed into SWF files that I can put into HTML pages.  For non-related reasons, I first used Flash 8 and go it to work on our test server with no issues.  I thought I was home free on this project!  But when I copied the content to our QA server for user testing, the videos stopped playing.  Or to be more specific, the swf file played just fine -- initial content (photos and embedded .wav audio) started playing but when the timeline hit the flvplayback keyframe, nothing played.  At the end of these swf files, are final photos and another embedded .wav audio file that played just fine if you waited until the swf hit those keyframes.


      So, I have tried the following:

      1. creating the swf directly on the QA server thinking that maybe I forgot something.  Same result.

      2. creating the swf using Flash Pro... mixed results

      • Creation goes fine. I can go to Control - Test Movie - in Browser and the video plays perfectly.  Note, that it plays using the mapped drive URL instead of a web address.
      • Changing the URL from the mapped drive to the web address of the test html that is created shows the same results as Flash 8 in this environment -- the video itself plays (as I have text showing that changes at the appropriate timeline intervals) but the video itself doesn't play.
      • Importing the video into the Dreamweaver CS6 html files as I eventually need to do, doesn't help either -- same result -- swf seems to play but no video.


      I just can't figure out why the initial videos, created using Flash 8 and on the test server, no longer work when copied to the QA server.  Are there script files that maybe I'm missing?  The videos are NOT embedded within the SWF due to synchronization issues with the video and its audio components but rather I was selecting to stream them.  They're located in the same folder as the SWF file itself.  Is there a setting from one system to another that maybe needs changed?  Or something that I need to adjust to get the web URL to play vs the file address?


      I'm using I.E. 11 and whatever solution I come up with HAS to use I.E. as this needs to play on specific systems and I cannot change the browser (company policy).