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    Exporting a page to photoshop/illustrator file with the same layer structure?




      Currently freelancing for a company who create artwork using indesign and I'm trying to streamline the process of splitting the artwork out into it's separate layers to import directly into after effects. I know you can use a script to split the layers out and then export as an interactive pdf, opening this in illustrator then releasing to layers (build) I'm just looking for a more time effective way of getting to that point? Sometimes the artwork doesn't seem to import correctly into illustrator as it has clipping masks and odd stuff in there (their marketing team is huge and people working on the same things do things way differently.)I've tried two script to split the artwork out into components but they don't seem to retain position or just produce the single artwork item.


      A typical file would be 640x 640 page with multi-page Indesign with 6 layers each with artwork positioned exactly and signed of for positional. The perfect scenario would be running a script to export directly into photoshop (keeping crop and position) so it's then just a case of pulling that one file directly into ae.


      There's various forums and scripts I've wondered across but InDesign and in particular scripting isn't my forte. This is one that might do the trick but the link is no longer active: http://www.zenodesign.com/forum/PageToPSLayersV3.zip


      I know it may seem like it's lazy but there lots of things to animate per project in various different sizes so any help and pointers would be awesome!