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    Is there a way to roll back to version 5?

    Patricio Murphy

      I wasn't to eager to update, but since it was free and apparently painful, I did it. As it happens, LR CC 2015 has been a pain back there, I don't need any of the new functions, and the last major update got me thinking that perhaps it's wiser to buy LR 5 and stop this suscription thing.

      I don't need to sincronize to LR Mobile (if I want something to show up in all my devices, I just export it to a Drive folder), I don't need to edit in uncalibrated tablet displays, while the dehaze function seems nice I can live without it, don't need also face recognition, you get the picture.

      So, I'd rather stick to a stable version and get no updates than having to go through this nonsense of having things changed overnight in the middle of a job..