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    InDesign tutorials won't work for me

    Diana in San Diego

      Dearest All,


      I subscribed to InDesign and wanted tutorials to learn how to use it. I need a quick start and need to become conversant with this application in the short-term and learn it well over time.


      I went to the tutorials page at InDesign CC tutorials | Learn how to use InDesign CC


      There are lots listed.  When I click on a link to any of the beginner tutorials, I am taken to a display that looks like a tutorial.  It has the triangle-shaped Play button in the middle.  But when I play, the screen goes blank.  The information shows 00:00 of 00:00 as the play time.  Doesn't matter which tutorial.


      I am using desktop IE on a Windows 8.1 platform.


      I am signed in to my Adobe account, and I have tried it signed in and not signed in.


      • Do you have any clues what I am doing wrong?
      • Am I using an outdated page?
      • Can anyone suggest other tutorials to get up to speed quickly?  My immediate learning goal is book layout, but I'm eager to learn other capacities of InDesign.



      Many thanks in advance.