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    How to convert osx-file to app file

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      our customer want to deliver director project under mac not with osx file
      but with app or dmg file
      what should I do to convert osx to app or dmg file?

      Sorry if the question sounds incorrect, but I'm not familar with mac besides
      of running director projects on it

      Any help will be appreciated

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          You can simply rename the .osx file to .app if you want, and it will
          work the exact same.

          Or if it is important to use an application bundle, then use Director 11
          which makes a proper .app

          The .dmg format is very similar to a zip archive (but without the
          compression). There are loads of tools to make dmg files, like DMG Tool
          which I have used in the past. You can also make a .dmg file using the
          built in Disk Utility that comes with OSX, though that is a bit less
          user friendly.
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            fazstp Level 2
            The simplest way to create a DMG is to drag a folder containing your app onto OSX Disk Utility.

            /Applications/Utilities/Disk Utility.app

            If you want to change the layout of the mounted DMG (or add a background image or something) you need to create it as read/write and then convert it to compressed for distribution.