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    Corrupt catalogue problem


      I have a problem with my catalogue.


      In closing down Lightroom (5.7.1) I got the "cannot back up" message and "Lightroom will attempt to repair catalogue next time I open".  No panic, at this stage - it's happened before


      But when I attempted to re-open Lightroom, I got the "cannot repair catalogue" message with the suggestion that I restore from a recent back up.


      Because my most recent Lightroom back up is a few days old, I thought I would first see if I could do so from my back up hard disk which runs WD Smartware as a constant back up system.


      Success - by copying over the most recent catalogue into my main hard disk and using it to replace the corrupt one, I successfully re-opened Ligthtroom, and everything now looks fine, including all my recent edits, etc.


      Or so I thought .....   But of course this is still a copy of a version that is supposedly corrupt.  So close it down and attempt to back up within Lightroom, I get the same cycle of messages, and have to repeat the restore from my back up hard disk.


      So whilst I have a working version of Lightroom, and full access to all my photos, edits, etc. I still have the concern hanging over me that the catalogue is supposedly corrupt.  Is there any way that I can get back to having a clean catalogue, that Lightroom itself will happily back up for me?


      Thank you

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          sarsaxen Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi ianclruser,


          Could you please create a new catalog at a different location and import the corrupted catalog in to the new one by following the below article:

          Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Help | Import photos into Lightroom




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            ianclruser Level 1

            Hi Sarsaxan


            I'm working on it!  But first attempt it stopped half way through with an error message "Lightroom is unable to import this catalogue due to an unknown error" or words to that effect.  I'm now trying again by importing only groups of photos, in the hope that I isolate the problem (two thirds of the catalogue has so far imported successfully in this way, but I'm now hitting a problem again)  Presumably the hope is that once I have imported the whole catalogue (possibly excluding the problem area, whatever that turns out to be), that should be "clean" and so can become my main catalogue.  I may not be able to finish this evening (or even for a day or so) because of other commitments, but will report back once it's sorted (I hope) or not.


            Thank you for the suggestion.



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              ianclruser Level 1

              Hi Sarika


              I've got there - thank you


              What I found by a process of elimination by importing folders from the corrupt catalogue in ever smaller groups was that there were two folders that didn't want to import into my new catalogue.  No obvious reasons - the photos in those folders seem absolutely fine when viewed outside Lightroom.  Anyway, I reimported the photos in the relevant folders direct from their location on my hard disk and that worked (I lost some of the edit trail, but my workflow involves saving as a high quality jpeg once done, so I have a final edited copy) and all seems to be working in the new catalogue.


              Not something I would want to repeat (a seemingly totally corrupt catalogue, which I initially thought I had, was a heart stopping moment, and the eventual rescue process proved tedious because of the need to do it in stages, many of which failed until I had homed in on and excluded the two corrupt folders), but at least it' was resolved.


              So thank you


              There is still the mystery as to why the original catalogue corrupted so completely but hopefully that's a one off!



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                sarsaxen Adobe Employee (Admin)

                Thanks for the update.

                Good to know that everything is working in the new catalog.

                And yes Catalog can get corrupted because of ones workflow or communication of Lightroom and the system.

                At the moment catalog backup would be helpful rather than creating a new catalog sometimes.


                ~ Sarika