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    One Preset Location To Rule Them All?

    MarkGilvey Level 1

      I create a new catalog every time I shoot. Is there a way to have every new catalog access all the presets and export prefs i've set up for other catalogs so I don't have import/export and add them new every time. Can I have each catalog access a central location where it can grab this info? For example, during image import, I would like to have a list of copyright meta date to chose from. I have set up metadata template in Bridge based one who I'm working for and I'd like to have that list appear in Lightroom. I have export presets set up in other catalogs that I would like to use in the one I'm creating and I may have presets I made in other catalogs.


      It would be nice if I could have each of these load into my new catalog automatically and for bonus points, when I open a different catalog, have it notify me that more presets etc have been added, do I want to update the set I'm using?