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    Masking a paint effect

    EricDuboisMDD Level 2

      I am using the Paint tool to reveal layers one at a time (like a stencil). One layer works great and the others don't, although they appear to be built exactly the same way.


      - I selected the paint tool and double-clicked on the layer to paint.

      - I painted to cover the surface.

      - When I preview , I see a black square being painted (the size of the layer).

      - I checked the "Adjustment Layer" box to mask the layer.

           - In one instance, the layer is revealed exactly as intended.

           - In another instance, only part of the brushstroke is visible.

           - On the other layers, nothing is visible.


      Any suggestions on where to look or alternate way of getting the same result?

      Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 1.12.55 PM.png