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    Missing photos, folders in Lightroom 6 after import. Does Lightroom store a copy of photos that have been imported and if so where?


      My nanny/photographer upgraded her Lightroom to ver. 6. She left the old version 4.4 on as well, so I am guessing she just did a straight install of v6. She imported several hundred photo's directly from the memory cards into Lightroom 6, without copying the files to the computer. She then removed and subsequently deleted the photos from the memory card. These folders now show with a question mark in Lightroom, as I presume it is looking for the files on the Memory card. Does light room make a copy of the files when imported or does it just leave a pointer as to where they were being imported from?


      She has also ended up with multiple catalogs. Cat 1 is a bit larger then Cat 3 but Light Room cant open the file and provides the following error: "Lightroom cannot use the Catalog named "Lightroom Catalog" because it is not writable and cannot be opened."


      If it LR does keep a copy I was hoping that perhaps they were in Cat 1 which was the first one that was created.