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    LR CC6 crashes MacPro but not Macbook Pro running same OS (10.11.1) and LR (2015.2.1).

    RFE Weissman

      I'm running Lightroom CC (latest update 2015.2.1) on a Mac Pro (latest rev of El Capitan (10.11.1) with a Dell 5K monitor (runs fine) and on a late 2013 MacBook Pro with 1TB of storage, maxed out RAM and a 2.6GHz processor.  On the Macbook Pro, it runs fine. On the Mac Pro it freezes on a wide variety of tasks and screen redraws are slow or distorted (ultra wide stretched horizontal aspect ratio for images that are actually normal aspect ratio--and display fine in Navigation window). The Navigation pane shows images correctly after editing, the main window often does not.  Moving between images is quite slow. Filleting images by rating (on a small collection of images--110 shots) takes many minutes to move from an unfiltered to filtered selection. It may take minutes for a main window screen refresh. While, initially, the program runs fine, within a few minutes, all problems noted above appear.  None of this happens on my lesser configure Macbook.


      Until recent Lightroom upgrades, I had zero problem running Lightroom on my MacPro.  To figure out what's going on, I ran Apple's hardware diagnostics on the MacPro and found no issues.  I've reinstalled Lightroom just to make sure that copy wasn't corrupted, but these problems (severe) persist. The MacPro is essentially for Lightroom, though other graphics intensive programs (DXO , FCP) run without problems.


      My guess is something is wrong with the MacPro's GPU or perhaps flaky memory, but no other program exhibits these problems. Or perhaps as an Apple forums respondent suggested, the MacPro's graphics processor is not well supported by Adobe (but I've run LR on this machine for two years without problems, until the latest CC upgrades.)  (And, yes, I've installed the latest LR fix...and followed Adobe's advice about reconfiguring Lightroom preferences.)


      I've no idea what to do next.


      Has anyone seen this MacPro failure to update the main window / update incorrectly problem or have ideas as to how to diagnose/fix this issue? Or should I just give up on LR and move to Capture One, given all of LR's other (non-Mac-related) problems.