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    don'Start up menu refuses to load/no longer shows my existing projects

    Bel P



      I am working on the biography of an older musician friend. This morning, when I went to open the program (Premiere elements 13) I got the box and clicked on "existing projects and then, instead of a drop down menu of my existing projects there was only the word "opening..." and a rotating circle that I took to indicate something was loading. After a few minutes and no list, I clicked on that anyway and it just opens the program. No files, just completely blank as though I were starting a brand new project.  I would like to know how to get all my work back. I have tried re-opening the program and disconnecting and re-connecting the hard drive with the videos on it. I have tried re-starting the computer.


      Nothing about my computer has changed (to the best of my knowledge) since I used it yesterday, so most of the troubleshooting tips were not applicable.


      I did notice that the start up box is now advertising for elements 14 and that is new. If that is the problem, I would like permission to smack someone who works for adobe upside the head with a fish.(I joke, I kid, I would never abuse a fish like that. ) But really, every time I have had a question about this program or how to do something or other with this program and have tried to find the answer through the adobe site, it has been like pulling teeth. I'm sick of it. I don't know if that is purposeful or if I just don't think the same way the programmers who wrote the code think(because you just can't get to a person to ask), but it has not been intuitive for me.


      It also took me several tries over several hours, as I went about my day, to get adobe to recognize my sign in to even get to this screen. And now this, this is the only option I get for help with troubleshooting? Share my problems with the world instead of just being able to ask a person and get an answer? Post it on the forums for the world to see? "Hey everybody! I may be too stupid to get this program, which has been advertised as easy as pie, to work for me, because I'm a doofus!" I prefer to keep my troubles to myself, not advertise them. While I recognize the value of having a community of users to help each other, I am a fairly private person and I would prefer to be able to call and ask and have it answered. In addition, having a window pop up to ask me to answer a survey on whether or not the forum has been an effective tool for whatever I came to the site for today, is guaranteed to get bad feedback because I'm not to keen on being asked to predict the future when I am grouchy about the possibility of having lost all my work.I am thoroughly frustrated.


      I mean, come on Adobe ! This man is 98 years old, I have never made a biography before. The family asked me to do it because I had made videos of our children's college recitals. I have well over ten hours of video and still more of audio to edit. I have been working on it and revising things for months already - mostly because I feel so incompetent about it as a rank beginner both to editing and premiere elements and now -  just when I had finally thought I was getting a handle on things -  it seems to be gone and I may have to start all over. I was kind of hoping to get it done so he could see it before he died.This was the reason I got this program in the first place. And if it is gone, why would I start over with this program? Why wouldn't I just delete this and get something that doesn't eat my work or frustrate me every time I have a question?

      Just in order to end on a positive note, I find that your lightroom is a wonderful program.

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          A.T. Romano Level 7

          Bel P


          This is not Adobe. Rather essentially a user to user forum. Nonetheless we are eager for you to succeed and will go the extra mile to try to make that happen.


          1. Premiere Elements 13 on what computer operating system? Did you update 13 to 13.1 yet using an opened project's Help Menu/Updates?


          2. You say that you cannot find the project with File Menu/Open or Welcome Screen/Video Editor/Existing Projects. In this instance, let us determine if it can be found at its hard drive save location. The Windows default is Documents/Adobe/Premiere Elements/13.0. Do you find the project file (project.prel) in the 13.0 Folder along with several folders which contain a variety of project assets? Is there a folder there named Adobe Premiere Elements AutoSave? Is there anything in it? That is are next stop (safety net) if the project file cannot be found. On the other hand, did you save your project at the start with a custom location?


          3. Also, be careful not to move, delete, or rename files and folders that went into the project. And, watch your external hard drive to assure that the drive letter has not changed. When you import source media into a project, all you get are copies of the originals that remain at their hard drive save location. But, the copies in the project must trace back to the originals where they were when they were first imported into the project.


          4. What have you deleted from your computer recently? Do you have files in the Recycle Bin that has not been emptied?


          Let us start here. Consider, give more details and results, and then we will decide the appropriate troubleshooting strategy.


          Any questions or need clarification on the above, please do not hesitate to ask.


          Thank you.



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            Bel P Level 1

            My mistake, I apologize. Since I was directed here from my adobe acount, I assumed it was at least nominally connected to adobe.

            1.) Windows 7 professional 64 bit operating system.


            I have not updated to 13.1 as I don't recall seeing any notifications to do so.


            2.)When searching my computer for "Documents/Adobe/Premiere Elements/13.0" the project name does not appear, although several others do, most with the name "my new video project". When I enter the name of the project upon which I was working in the search window, nothing comes up.There is not a folder named Adobe Premiere Elements AutoSave .


            3.) The name of the hard drive remains the same. I have not deleted  anything from the project in the last week as I have been mostly adding titles/text this week and moving clips around in the project.

            4.) I emptied the trash can this morning before starting, but there should not have been anything in it from elements.

            Thank you for your time and attempt to help.

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              Bel P Level 1

              I thought I might try a short test video to see if the program is still working at all. All seemed to be going fine until I started rendering it. Then my computer crashed.  Blue screen of death  - preparing for data dump the whole nine yards. It restarted with no problems, but I am wondering if that is what caused the crash.
              Oh yeah, and when it re-started and I brought up the program again, the short video I had tried to create was gone, not surprisingly.

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                A.T. Romano Level 7

                Bel P


                Thanks for the replies.


                I am heading you to uninstall/reinstall but first let us go through the usual drill just in case...


                1. Does the problem exist with and without the antivirus and firewalls disabled?

                2. Do you have the latest version of Quicktime 7 installed on your computer and are you running the programs as administrator (from user account with administrative privileges)?

                3. Is your video card/graphics card driver version up to date according to the web site of the manufacturer of the card?

                4. Edit Menu/Preferences/Scratch Disks - where are the scratch disks pointed and how much free hard drive space are at those locations?

                5. Were are the project files being saved - default Documents/Adobe/Premiere Elements/13.0 or some place else?

                6. If you go to Edit Menu/Preferences/AutoSave, is the feature turned on or off?


                Mini test....Open Premiere Elements 13 to its Expert workspace File Menu/New/Project where you should see the new project dialog. It should look like

                13 New Project Dialog.JPG

                What do you see in the Save In: location?


                If indicated, then we will do the following

                1. Uninstall the usual Control Panel way

                2. Do the free ccleaner run through (regular and registry cleaner parts)   CCleaner - Download

                3. Reinstall the program with antivirus and firewalls disabled.

                4. When you are confident that the program is stable, the download and install the 13.1 Update using an opened project's Help Menu/Updates.


                Please consider, and let us know the outcome. If any questions along the way, please do not hesitate to stop and ask for clarification.


                Thank you.