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    Working SWF file is solid red inside After Effects

    mitchs42786776 Level 1



      I am experiencing a problem and I am having a hard time even isolating the cause, let alone figuring out a solution. I am working on an animation that I am taking from Flash to After Effects, and I am exporting different layers as SWF files to rebuild inside AE. Several times, some of the layers once imported into AE are solid red, even though they appear to work perfectly fine in Flash Player or VLC -- it's only in After Effects they are red. Reading online I saw that some people said it could be from using a PNG with an alpha (which was the case in one of the instances), but it also happened with other file types too (BMP, movie). Does any know what would be causing this error? Can I resolve it by doing something different in either Flash or AE? I know the red frame is just a general problem so it has been hard to diagnose.


      Bizarrely enough, sometimes the same PSD file coming in to Flash will have some layers work and some become solid red, so again it is confusing and hard to isolate the problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      I am using Windows 7 with Adobe CC 2015.