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    My file names in Flash CS6 change whenever I save them for the first time


      When I first got Flash CS6, I worked on an animation and called it "grump." Now, 2 years later, whenever I make a project in Flash and save it for the first time, it adds " : grump" to the end of the file name.


      For example, I'm working on a project now with the file name "segment 2_1.fla." When I saved it for the first time, it changed to "segment 2_1.fla* : grump."  It adds it to the end of any project, regardless of the type (ActionScript 3.0 or 2.0).


      I have no idea why Flash is doing this, since this project isn't connected to the original "grump" project in any way. I have no idea how to remove it, either. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!!