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    Contact us Form

      This is the fla. actionscript of my form: and below I have the php that goes with it. Can you please tell me where did I go wrong?

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          arunbe Level 1
          tell me whatz your problem... !
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            Hey I think you had taken this code from layougalaxy.com i am the flash devloper over there

            Is there php and apache installed on your server

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              Missnana2004 Level 1
              yes thats where I got it. It had an error in the actionscript. I finally fixed it, I receive it now BUT ONLY WHEN I USE MY OWN EMAIL ADDRESS in the field. I am going insane. Can you pleaseeeeeeee tell me how can I fix this?
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                RemyR Level 1
                If it works when you put in your own address, then it's not in the actionscript, and its not exactly an error - its a security feature.

                Replace the 'mail' line in your PHP code with:

                mail("$to", "$subject","$matter","From: contact_form@my.com");

                Replacing 'my.com' with your server's name. If that still doesn't work, this will:

                mail("$to", "$subject","$matter","From: $to");

                Or, to get really complicated, make an e-mail address on your server for 'contact_form' and try the first line again. It will still get sent to your e-mail, it'll just look like it's coming from 'contact_form@my.com'.
                Either way, you're changing the From address the e-mail comes from, so you can't use your e-mail's 'Reply' buttton to reply. You'll still get their e-mail address in your e-mail's body text, though, so if you want to reply, just copy/paste it from there.

                PHP security sometimes doesn't let it's scripts send mail that says it's from a different server to prevent people from trying to spoof e-mails - like sending out e-mail that says it's from 'whitehouse.gov' or whatever.