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    Adding jquery as an external library causes .css() function issue on getSymbolElement

    Xrazzicaz Level 1

      Previously I have used edge and successfully used jquery functions such as $.ajax in the code I created. I have now realized that Jquery is no longer included with edge and only a simplified jquery like api exists which does not include the $.ajax function. This has caused me problems as I need to make some calls to a server. I have learnt that it is possible to load Jquery as an external script and I thought that this would solve my problems, and it does... almost.  The issue I have is that once I have loaded jquery although the $.ajax function now exists for me to use, it seems to break some of my existing code.


      I am creating a symbol dynamically and then adjusting its position on the stage with the .css() method. The .css() method is part of jquery AND a part of the simplified version that edge now uses. I am wondering if there is some kind of conflict.

      The code i'm using is below:


      sym.createBall = function(){


                var column = sym.getComposition().getStage().settings.column;

                var row = sym.getComposition().getStage().settings.row;


                var left = sym.getColumnPosition(column);

                var top = sym.getRowPosition(row);


                var snowball = sym.createChildSymbol("ball", "Stage");


                 "top": top,


                 "left": left





      Does anyone know why .css() is failing to work when I use jquery added as an external script? I thought seeing as the css method should work anyway in edge that if I removed it from the jquery code it might work , but it didn't. Im not sure what to do amd would really appreciate some tips if anyone else has come across this issue.


      It could be that my element is not a jquery object?? im not sure...