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    Playback speed for 8mm imported as numbered stills


      I'm using Premiere Elements 12, Windows 10. I have a set of jpeg's that were generated from 8mm film. I'm importing them into Elements as numbered stills. I can't seem to get the playback speed adjusted correctly to make the film look like it is playing at the same speed it does through a film projector.


      The method I'm using to import is:

      Using Quick 'mode', File > Add Media, select the first photo in the series, check 'numbered stills', then open.


      In Edit > Preferences > General, I have the following settings:

          Video Transition Default Duration: 25 frames (I'm in Australia so think this is right for it to be PAL?)

          Still Image Default Duration: 54 frames (I think this default was 150 with 30 for above, however this is way too fast. I've just been playing around with this, can't recall how I calculated to use 54 now though!).


      In Edit > Preferences > Stop Motion Capture, I have:

          Playback Frame Rate: 18 (no idea if changing this is making a difference. I have it set to 18 because the original 8mm film speed is 18.3 frames per second).


      I have tried using Expert and changing the Time Stretch, however I can't figure out what percentage to set it to.


      I'm aiming to playback at 3 different frame rates, for the different film I have - 16, 18 & 24 frames per second.


      Any advice on the settings to use and/or time stretch percentage for the 3 situations please?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          8 mm movies ran at 16 frames per second -- roughly have the speed of NTSC video. That said, here's what I'd do.


          1) Resize all your photos to no larger than 1000x750 pixels in size (72 ppi)

          2) Start a new Premiere Elements project and, under Settings, select the option for Standard DV 4:3.

          3) Go to Premiere Elements preferences and the Still Image Duration to 2 frames (approx. 15 fps)

          (Note that you MUST set this BEFORE you import the photos into your project it or won't apply to them.

          4) Use Add Media/From Files and Folders to add the photos to my project.

          5) Place the photos on the timeline in the order you'd like them to animate.