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    How do I make a formal complaint regarding the poor level of support provided?


      Recently Adobe cancelled my account due to no payments, this is because I lost my credit card linked to my membership. I have spent plenty of time trying to update my account payment settings online but it is not working. I tried contacting someone through the support portal to help me update my payment method using my new card. They sent me a link to update my card details which I did. When my next payment was due I was still charged to my old card and sent an invoice via email (this is not usual). Then I receive another email telling me my account has been cancelled. When I check my bank account I have been charged $76.13 by adobe (a strange amount). I contacted someone again through the support portal and asked them why I had been charged this total and why my membership had been cancelled. After providing all the payment information to him I had he said there was no record of it in his system. He then tells me that "In this case I will have to escalate the case to next level, they will get back to you in 2-3 days via email". I did not receive any email for over a week. When I did receive an email in is from "support no-reply" who said " I have requested the relevant team to investigate in regards to $76.13 charged and will revert to you once we hear from the team." I have replied twice and supplied for information from my bank confirming the money taken from my account by adobe and have had no response in 3 days.


      I believe this level of support is completely unsatisfactory and that an issue such as mine should be treated with a higher level of care by the support team. It should not take more than a week to send me an email telling me they had somebody looking into it. I have requested my membership be reactivated with no response.


      Does anybody know of a direct contact number or email so that i may reach out to somebody that may be able to fix my issue at a faster pace? and also to make a formal complaint about the poor treatment issue by support.


      Many thanks,