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    crossing eyes

    ahmedk65701122 Level 1

      is there is a way to cross the character eyes and control that with human eyes


      because some time i found my character is crossing eyes but i can't control that and i don't know how that happens and when i restart my computer it go back to normal !! working with other 2 or 3 hours with Ch and Photoshop back and forth and it start to cross eye's " maybe it's just tired LOL" ^_^

      but that never happens to me with IL Character

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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          Yes - whatever position you set in the Photoshop file will be the default. So make that as crosseyed and goofy as possible and you should be set. You may run into some sync/update issues if you're doing any additional rigging in the puppet panel inside CH - so try importing a fresh psd with crossed eyes and see how that goes.


          Make sure you're also clicking "set rest pose" to calibrate your character (the eyes can get off base if you don't). And with your character selected in the scene timeline, try adjusting the Face > Head Scale and Eye Gaze properties on the right to lower numbers for less dynamic movement. And if you want to get real crazy, you can record a pass with only the "Eye Gaze via Mouse Input" armed, which will let you control the eyes completely with the mouse.

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            CoSA_DaveS Adobe Employee

            One more tip: there's a hidden feature where the eyes can move independently. You can toggle this on/off by hitting "E" when the Camera & Mic panel is focused. This will be removed in Preview 3, so it's not accidentally enabled.

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              ahmedk65701122 Level 1

              ahhhhhaa ^_^ that's what i'm talking about