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    Have two versions of RAW


      I set up a new PC and added photoshop/bridge from the cloud.  Then I installed my old CS5 to use dreamweaver

      I see that the menu in Camera Raw looks like version 6 with the brightness  sliders and such, however it appears to have all the version 9 tools.

      How do I correct this?



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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The plug-in version is newest 9.2 but the sliders are for the older Process Version 2010 before Adobe changed all the toning adjustments. 


          This is apparently an older photo so you can just leave it how it is if it’s important that it looks like way; however, if you want to see what things look like using the new PV 2012 sliders, go to the Camera Calibration tab (the camera icon to the right of fx) and select Process Version 2012 or just click the little exclamation point at the lower right.  There is no exactly conversion between PV 2012 and PV 2010 so the look of the image will change slightly as you change from one PV to the other.


          Obviously you can experiment with the new PV sliders and just click Cancel to not apply the newer settings, but this is not Lightroom where you can click back to a previous step in History and once you’ve clicked Done there’s no way to get the older slider look, back, exactly, unless you’ve memorized what the sliders were and adjust them yourself.

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            davidp69874326 Level 1

            Thank you so much!!!  I do remember seeing that somewhere in some tutorial.   no problems now