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    Video Rendered with Problems


      Hello everyone. I have just rendered a video to H.264 which has 42 minutes and 6.37 Gigabytes, using After Effects CS4 . All good all fine, when I try to play it it goes kind of hard with little interruptions, but that's not the problem. I've tried to play it on VLC, but won't play the last 30 seconds properly. When it gets to it, the frame just freezes and I can only hear the audio which goes fine, but the frame freezes and won't continue playing the video as it should. That's fine too, but the bad thing is that when I tried uploading it on YouTube, it cuts the last 30 seconds and the video stops suddenly. When I refresh the page with the video on youtube, at the timer it shows that it has 42 minutes and 51 seconds just for a second, then it shows 42 minutes and 18 seconds and it goes like this. Is there any way to fix this?