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    Lets name it preview and kill realtime!


      When it is about feature request, we all have our ideas and suggestions. I think there are really nice Ideas on improvements out there waiting to get implemented.

      I don't know if I'm right, but i really think no one ever complained about the RAM PREVIEW. At least it was never the biggest Problem of this patchwork Program.


      But since 2015 this changed! Wohoo. AE is still slow as hell, buggy as hell und from now on -> No realtime preview anymore Yay! Thank you for this deadline-thrilling-experience!


      So to make it short, I really would like to know, why my 12 core MacPro 64GB Ram GTX 770 and my Retina 5K i7 4Ghz 32Gb Ram are not able to preview my comps in realtime anymore.

      Call it RAM preview, call it preview. I don't care! I want Realtime. I already got used to the new keys and stuff. Even it was a pain. But that not a big deal.


      The german support just said: We don't have this feature anymore. Deal with it! or write a feature request.

      We're all using this software for years and we thought it will be better in the future. But the more AE evolves the bader it gets. That's my experience.

      Hope there's alternatives pretty soon using the power of modern computers.