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    changing installation directory

    Sebastian Schw.

      Hi Community,

      I've got a small SSD Drive as system Root on Windows 8. Until now, the creative cloud installed all apps into the standard program directory c:\program files\Adobe.

      Meanwhile the HD is completly full and I need to free disk space on it. The idea is to move all Creative Cloud Apps to a separate partition on a second drive.

      If I now change the installation path in the Creative Cloud App, do I additionally need to uninstall my Adobe apps and reinstall them? Or will it move any Apps to the new path?


      I hope someone could help?


      best regards



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          Pattie-F Level 7

          Although Adobe suggests you install application on the primary drive, it is possible to change the installation destination from the Creative Cloud app preferences. Please note that there will still be shared resources stored on your primary drive.  In addition, temporary files will be created on your primary drive during the installation process. The Adobe Creative Cloud desktop app will remain on the default drive. If you have already installed the app, you need to uninstall it, change the destination drive, reboot the machine and then install the app.


          (Please check the FAQ section of this link at the bottom of the page : Download and install Adobe Creative Cloud apps)