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    Contents and Indexing in InDesign CS6


      I am creating a 200+ page company catalogue and need to create a contents page and an index page for it. Unfortunately these are quite complex and I'm not sure I can do this.

      The text in the 'Table of Contents' needs to be bespoke, as the wording is not what is on the page I'm directing it to, and using the Index option in CS6 doesn't quite work. The Index also is quite complex as we have an application header for our product, then the products listed below. This product could appear in several places within the Index under various applications, so, again, the Contents and Index options don't quite work.

      What I would really like is very simple: I'd like to manually create both the Contents and Index list and have a formula which grabs the related page number from the (automatic) number text box on each page. A bit like and Excel formula ('=' then 'cell reference'). This will get away from the headache of manually changing all the page numbers in the Index and Contents every time a page is added.

      Is such a thing possible in InDesign CS6?

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          SJRiegel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The Table of Contents could be handled by adding the correct text just off the top of the page(s), with the text box overlapping the bleed. Give it a unique style, and that part is covered.

          For the index, the only way I know to do it with the built-in capabilities would be to go in and add all the index markers to the text by hand. (each product could have several, one under each category)