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    Page Tool, Liquid Layout, and Masters - Is there a way to resize a single page with a Master applied to it without resizing all the others to which that Master is applied?


      I'm creating a PDF where the page dimensions are ambiguous. The width generally stays the same, but the height of a single page is determined by the content, and can change multiple times. Each of these pages needs to have the same header and footer on them.

      This seemed like it would be a perfect opportunity to use InDesign's Liquid Layout feature for the header and footer. This works well, however, I'm also using Masters in order to place those headers and footers on every page. In order for the items on those Masters to obey the liquid rules I set for them, I must select "Controlled By Master" for the liquid page rule of the page. Then when I change the page's dimensions, it changes the dimensions for EVERY page to which that Master is applied. Is there a way around this? I want to be able to:


      1. Use liquid layout to control items on a Master
      2. Have that Master applied to multiple pages
      3. Have differing dimensions on those pages
      4. Retain Liquid Layout rules I specified in #1 at those different page sizes