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    Coming back to Adobe after a decade using a mac mini


      Here's my dilemma.


      I'd like to use Adobe Premiere Pro, Aftereffects, Illustrator, Photoshop, Story Pro on a laptop based system.


      I'd also plan on buying my 11  year old a low end chromebook to capture and upload video from his MiniDV and Digital Canon into, or import form his low end smart phone.


      I'll capture with a full HD camera and my Nexus.


      The only other software on the laptop will be a DAW called reaper, small but powerful.


      I refuse to go Mac. just can't afford it, and not interested in arguing PC vs. mac in this thread/discussion.


      If I give us both 1-2 TB drives, can I manage with a decent Windows laptop?


      Can a droid based device handle the processing requirements (will the software even work with droid based systems)?


      All the semi-pro editors I know use Mac; how hard will it be to go back and forth between our systems (most of them are on the coast or at least seldom available for sitdowns on the same device...)?


      I've always loved premiere, and cannot find app-based software to my liking, regardless of cost, and I have no desire to go Iphone.


      Thanks for any input!