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    how can I report a bad image (quality)?


      Hi there


      how can I report bad image quality from within Adobe Stock or logged in in Team?

      We bought an Image that looked fine and would have been sufficient in resolution IF ONLY it was not compressed to hell.

      The original looks like it has been photographed with a mobile phone and a highly lossy compression - artifacts everywhere, so it is plain unusable


      I´ve been handed around in this joke thats called support chat 3 times in a row, wasting about an hour in a chat with no answer yet


      Can someone please provide an email address to post ImageID, account / invoice ID to check on that issue in a decent business way?

      This image i am talking about is not up to standard and should not be up for sale anywhere


      sorry to say - up until now Adobe support as poor as it always was - running around in a website maze.

      can someone here prove me wrong please?