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    Adobe Flash/Reader/Etc. Distribution Request Never Responded To

    nicoled1818 Level 1

      I sent a request on Oct 27th to distribute Flash/Reader/AIR/Shockwave so that I can get the MSI's and use them to distribute the installs to new and existing PC's in our environment.  However, after receiving the verification email (which I clicked the link for) I never received any reply. 


      I've sent in a new request and am still waiting (in the past the delay has been very short so I suspect after the 3 days are up I'll be left in the cold again).  There isn't any phone or other support contact for Adobe for these free products so I have no idea where to go.  This is delaying my work and I'd prefer not to download the regular/consumer version of these but I'm not sure what else I can do if Adobe does will not respond and will not allow me to communicate in any other way.   Anyone had this happen before?  Advice?