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    RoboHelp 11-Issue with drop-downs Font, Font size, and Zoom


      I have a user guide which was created before I became the technical writer. I started using RoboHelp 7 and I am not sure if this guide was created in an earlier version of RoboHelp. I was upgraded to RoboHelp 9 then to version 11. The file contains 3237 files, 480 folders and the size is 64.5 MB. I had someone backing me up when I was out of the office. She used different font on some topics than what was used in the rest of the guide. (Arial was used in the guide, she used Calibri.) I am now updating the guide and I cannot change the font. When my cursor is sitting on text within a topic the heading and font fields keeps flashing. Header flashes from Normal to Heading 1 and Font  flashes Times New Roman and Arial. When I click the drop-down for font, I am unable to select anything because the drop-down keeps scrolling, If I try to scroll up, the drop-down keeps going back to Time New Roman. And it happens so fast I am unable to click on a selection. I tried selecting the font within the topic and right clicking on the mouse selecting Font. I am able to select the font I want, but when I click OK, the font is not displayed in the size it should be. Font size 12 is displaying very small. Does anyone know what may be causing this issue and what I can do to remedy it? Thank you for any help you can provide.