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    Can numbering (in bullets and numbering) be automated to increment?

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      What I am trying to do is number in increments of 10, starting at 00. What I have so far is ^H-^#.^t,  puts in the chapter number, a dash, an integer, a period, and a tab. Is there any way to change the integer so increment. For example - 35-00, 35-10, 35-20, and 35-30 - so the 00, 10, 20, and 30 don't have to be typed in?


      I could not find if InDesign does any type of formula for this. I thought of using text variables but if I am going to create variables that are 00, 10, 20, and 30, I may as well just make styles for each, which I have been told won't be accepted by my client - they don't want a style for every single number. And this is not a running head, so that won't work.


      This is for a paragraph style to be applied to the first line of each section of a chapter.


      I am not coming up with anything else. Any suggestions would be appreciated.