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    A request to the Flash IDE support / development team


      Hope, somebody from Flash IDE team will see this topic.


      I just wanted to say, that right now Flash IDE / Flash Technology is on the very important stage and it might become a standart for HTML5 development, because of great tools and useful workflow (Flash IDE + CreateJS).


      And, guys, I really really want you all not to loose it. Beacuse timing is everything. Once, you've almost lost it with Adobe AIR, when the proper versions of Adobe AIR for mobile development was released too older and many Flash/AS3 developers found other ways to create crossplatform applications (Unity, Cocos2d, e.t.c)


      Right now, it looks like Flash has a chance to fight back its position and gather more developers who look for the useful HTML5 tools.


      At the date I've published 3 questions (today, 2 days ago and 5 days ago), and the oldest question haven't got any attention at all. The second question got some attention with advice, but I'm not sure that it was a guy from the official Flash IDE team.


      It would be really great to see that there are people who care about developers who struggle with some problems. If you're not able to give an answer immediately it's OK, but, please, at least, leave a comment, smth. like: "thank you for bug report, we are able to reproduce it and it will be fixed in the next release"... Something like that.


      P.S.: I'm a Flash developer with experience of work about 8-9 years and I really like the workflow and the Flash technology in general, and I really want to see Flash in the future.