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    The future of the Map Module

    Lawrence Of Wenlock

      This is one for the Adobe tech folks, I guess. I use a piece of flight planning software which has Google Maps embedded in it, in a similar way that Lightroom's Map module does. The vendor of this software has just told all users that it will cease to function on 12th December 2015 because "Google will stop supporting Google Earth" [I suppose they mean the Google Earth API], and "since [our] software is based on the Google Earth API, we will also discontinue support [for our software]". As you might imagine, existing users are just a little unhappy, but that's a story for another forum elsewhere.


      Lightroom's Map module is also (presumably) based on the Google Earth API, which makes me wonder what the future is for that Module. Does Adobe have a special arrangement with Google that allows it to keep on supporting Lightroom's interface to GE, or are there plans to switch to some other mapping solution in the future?