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    Another crashing problem


      Hi guys.

      I´m slowly starting to pull out my hairs here. LR keeps crashing.


      Here´s my setup:

      Acer desktop with intel I5 processor, 16 GB of ram, windows 8,1.


      Whenever i open up lightroom, it starts up like a dream. showing photos in the develop module. But here is where things start to go wrong:

      Sometimes i´m able to go to the library module, i see the images, but as soon as i want to edit, i press develop and the thing crashes. Sometimes, when LR starts up in develop, i´m able to develop one image. but i can´t change folder. And i´m a bit tired of editing the same photos from an old folder now;-)

      I can import photos just fine. But as soon as i hit develop, it carshes.


      I´ve been searching around, and can´t find my way around it.


      What i´ve done so far: I´ve tried the Adobe sullotion (Uncheck the "Add photos" screen), and made sure there was room enough in the camera raw cache settings (Set to 50 GB, with room for that on the Harddrive).


      I´ve also tried to uninstall and reinstall LR usin Adobe creative cloud


      The last thing i wanted to try, was to disable the use of graphiccard accelaration. But every single time, i´ve tried, it crashes as soon as i click the box to untick. Therefore i can´t uncheck it.


      Can anyone give me a hint, on what to try next? Thanks in advance.

      Kenneth Tinnesen

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          Tanuj Sandal Adobe Employee

          Hi Kenneth,


          • Please go to the Device Manager of Windows, from there expand Display Adapters.
          • Disable the graphic card and then open Lightroom , go to the preferences of Lightroom , then the Performance tab and uncheck the option for " Use Graphics Processor " .
          • Close Lightroom and go back to the Device Manager and enable the Display Adapter.
          • Open Lightroom and then work in Lightroom and check if it works fine.