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    I cannot get Lightroom to recognise my .ARW files.

    Interobang Level 1

      So I have the most up to date version of Lightroom cc 2015 and Camera RAW plugin 9.2 (I think).  I had to DL Camera RAW and install it separately as I could not find any proof that it is pre installed in Lightroom CC 2015.  Is this normal?  Anyways, I looked up which versions of these apps support .ARW files from my specific model of camera (A7sii) and supposedly this should all be working fine.  I am on a Yosemite Mac Pro.  I can view the raw files in Play Memories Home (Sony's proprietary software), but cannot figure out how to convert them so get them maybe into DNG for use in Lightroom.  But I would prefer to be able to open them up straight in Lightroom.  Please help.