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    Need help with unload movie

      This is the site I am working on http://www.dornink.com/2006/collections.htm

      Here is my issue. The thumbnails are pulled from an xml file and are inside a component I purchased. When a thumbnail is clicked, a larger image appears. That larger image also uses XML to pull the correct image images. In the actionscript of the larger image, the xml code is told to display the images in _root.imageHolder_mc.

      That all works great, however, the movies do not appear to unload. They just keep showing more dresses at a faster rate.

      What I need to do is find a way to add actionscript to my large swf file that clears the prior swf file but does not prevent the current file from loading. I hope that makes sense.

      I can't seem to modify the thumbnails because they are in a component I purchased and randomize numbers with each click.

      Any help is appreciated. Thanks.