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    General understanding question?


      Perhaps someone here can help, as Adobe doesn't believe in professional phone support for prospective sales!

      I run a small flash shop and deal with a few clients that use websphere portal. As such, I thought Flex 2 might be a nice way to intergrate some applications. So my questions are:

      #1 - Would my clients need to purchase something if I create a "flex" portlet? if yes, what?

      #2 - Can anyone recommend a GOOD company or person to migrate applications to portlets in the NYC metro area?


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          (1) - Your clients would need to purchase FDS (Flex Data Services) to be able to interact Websphere with Flex.

          (2) The only folks I know that can help are either in Tucson, AZ or San Clemente CA. So, if you get desperate, send me a private message and I'll hook you up.

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            S, it kind of depends on what you want to do. Flex applications (large and small) deploy as flash files, so I assume they could be included in a webSphere

            More Specifically:

            1) Flex "talks" to back end data via Web Services and / or java objects - this is something I am sure WebSphere can handle (although I am no expert). FDS is required if you want your Flex app to interact with back end data in real time - If that's something you need, it is available for free, at entry level.

            2) I would drop an email to Shlomy Gantz, the owner or Blue Brick ( http://www.bluebrick.com/) and manager of the NYC Flex group. If he can't do it, I'm sure he knows someone that can. Drop me a line at domalley AT medifit.com, or reply here if you need more help/information.