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    Lightroom 6.2.1 Crashing when using any develop tools - perhaps solved?


      Recently after upgrading to LR 6 from LR 4 I have been experiencing terrible performance, which seems to be the standard - Sluggish response on everything.

      But worse off any time I would use the develop sliders I would inevitably get a crash from Lightroom.


      AMD FX8350

      32GB Memory

      EVGA Nvidia GTX 560 Ti

      Samsung Evo 840 250GB Primary Drive (Lightroom Catalogs/Previews)

      2x WD 7200rpm Drives for Photos


      Crash. Remove preferences files. It would work for a few photos then crash again. Disable GPU support. Works for a few photos then crash again.

      Remove Preferences files. Repeat. I was getting very frustrated, wasting hours of time.


      I run two monitors of different resolutions:

      CCFL 1920x1200

      IPS LED 1920x1080


      The monitor I use lightroom was not the "Primary Display" as setup in Windows 10.


      I tried to find anything specifically regarding this being an issue recently looking but remember I read something years ago when looking into LR 5.

      I setup my primary monitor in windows to be the IPS monitor that I like to use with lightroom.


      Deleted LR Preferences files. GPU Support is enabled by default.


      I haven't had a crash for a few days now and speed is similar to LR 4. No terrible lag, just a little.


      This is definitely seems like a bug in the software as it is supposed to support multiple monitors and the display on which the lightroom window is placed should cause this much trouble and crashing. I rarely saw crashes using LR 4.


      I thought I would share so it might help others with the similar crashing problems, so you might actually get some work done.