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    Indesign CS5.5 crashing


      Hi all


      Firstly, bit of a rookie with this thing, so bare with me.


      Ok, so my staff/team member has recently been granted a new Mac, running system is 10.11.1 and has downloaded the new El Capitan. We are running Indesign CS5.5, and with a twist our shared server is a Windows Server (oh do we miss our mac server). We have had permission issues ever since the new Windows server, although since the new computer the problems are even worse.


      We get a lot of spinning wheels etc while in InDesign and Finder, although now my staff/team members computer just randomly (frequently) crashes without warning.


      We haven't really tested it only newly created documents, so we were thinking is there a way you can clear all previous metadata (I think that's the word) from a document so it has nothing going on behind the scenes if you will.



      Rod :-)